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November 2009

Slab Undersealing

Slab Undersealing is a process of pumping a cementious or polyurethane grout through holes cored in the slab. This grout flows under the slab and effectively fills any voids beneath the concrete slab. Slab undersealing effectively eliminates slab rocking which, over time, will deteriorate even the strongest slab.

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Atlas Polyurethane Undersealing

Using a high-density polyurethane material, Atlas can restore the compromised subgrade support by curling warehouse slabs as they improperly cure. Click on the following link to learn more about Atlas Polyurethane Undersealing

Industrial And Warehouse Floor Repair

Most industrial floors take a lot of abuse. They’re subject to repeated heavy loads, hard wheel traffic, impact forces, abrasive wear, and aggressive chemicals. If floors haven’t been properly designed and built, they may develop defects and wear out well before the expected design life. Most defects, however, can be corrected. Repairing defects before too much damage has occurred prolongs the life of the floor. For long-lasting repairs, band-aid approaches won’t work, which is why repairs that work correct the cause of the defects as well as the symptoms. Most floor problems we’ve seen fall into one of four classes:

  • Curling and curling-related distress
  • Joint deterioration
  • Cracking
  • Excessive surface wear

Some of these problems require immediate action to prevent them from worsening and interfering with floor performance. Others may be more cosmetic than structural. Atlas Restoration will evaluate each with you before devising a repair a long-lasting strategy.

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