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February 2013

Helical Tiebacks and Earth Retention speech at Structural Engineers Association Of Illinois annual breakfast

Marty Sobelman, Co-Owner of Atlas Restoration LLC., is scheduled to present a speech at the annual Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAOI) Breakfast this Friday, March 1st at The University Club Of Chicago.  Marty will discuss the Chance Helical Tieback line of products and Atlas' extensive and innovative use of these products in projects related to Earth Retention and Basement and Retaining Wall Remediation.  

Marty will be joined at the breakfast and the display booth by fellow co-owner Chris Heintz as well as Gary Milligan and Jason Clesle.  

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A Few Facts About Wet Basements

• Wet basements create the perfect environment for termite activity.

• Trapped musty air in basements travel to upper living areas in buildings.

• Wet basements are a breeding ground for excessive mold and mildew.

• Drywall mildew is known to be toxic.

• Wet basements promote allergies.

• Wet basements add to humidity throughout the entire the house.

• Heating damp air is costly, as wet basements take more energy to heat. 

• Proper waterproofing can as much as double useable basement space.

To learn more about how to repair wet basements click on the link below: