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Atlas Battery-Backup Sump Pump

What Makes Our Backup Sump Pumps So Unique?

At Atlas Restoration, we know the importance of location for back-up sump pumps. Our pumps, unlike most others used by repair companies, are positioned outside the sump water. Positioning the backup pumps and floats outside the water prevents constant exposure to problematic elements such as mud, debris, and unclean water.

Where Other Repair Techniques Fail

A common mistake made in backup sump pump installation is their position above the main sump pump. Moreover, many of the average backup pumps often not have a suction pipe. They drain the sump pit's water only partially, creating more frequent starts, less durability, and shorter pumping cycles.

Another kind of error is the installation of a second pump inside a small pit. The problem here? This faulty repair will likely result in the trapping or entangling of primary or secondary floats, leaving both pumps not functioning properly, or not functioning at all. 

And yet another problem common to conventional backup sump pump installation methods is the positioning of the backup pump inside, or directly above the main sump pump. As a result of this faulty installation, your sump pump's primary check valve is just inches above the main pump, open to heavy turbulence and endless fluctuations in pressure. This kind of stress on a check valve will cause breakage or holes in the valve, leading to the recycling of water through the main pump, straight down into your sump pit, and right into your basement. 

Advantages of Atlas Restoration's Battery Backup Sump Pumps

  • Complete security and extended longevity of the backup system
  • No interference with your home's primary pump or its float.
  • A slim-line vertical float switch eliminates the danger of a stuck float inside a crowded sump pit.
  • The suction pipe of our back-up pumps reaches to the bottom of the sump pit, so that it can fully empty the pit in each cycle.                                                                                                                                                             

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Do I Really Need a Battery Backup System for My Sump Pump?

Yes! If you have a pump that runs even occasionally, you should have a backup system, powered by either a battery or self-starting generator. When an electric pump fails, you risk substantial seepage and water damage. An adequately sized backup system prevents this kind of catastrophe.

More Reasons to Have a Backup Battery System for Your Sump Pump

Most people realize they need a backup sump pump one day too late, after the basement has flooded due to a power outage or sump pump failure. They then find out that home insurance does not cover flood damages to the finished basement. Nor does it cover mold remediation, should that become necessary. So, they pick up a pump in a store but nobody warns them that it cannot keep up with the primary pump although it will be called on during the year's worst storms, it is less reliable than the not-so-reliable primary pump it is supposed to back up, it may interfere with the primary pump float or its check valve (causing basement flooding), and within 2–5 years it needs replacing.

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