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Basement or Crawl Space Cracks

Is The Crack In My Basement or Crawl Space A Sign Of A Structural Problem?

At Atlas Restoration we see thousands of cracks a year, the majority of which are not the result of structural movement. Most cracks are simply shrinkage cracks that are subject to seepage but pose no structural threat to your home. Untreated, however, some cracks can cause severe damage to the structure.

Here are some of the telltale signs of a crack problem in your home:

  • Visible cracks are significantly wider at the top than at the bottom; the crack is offset and not on a smooth plane
  • Cracking in interior walls in the upstairs of your home
  • Doors or windows in your home don't shut easily 
  • Exterior brickwork of your home is cracked or bulging
  • Floors in your home are not level 

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