How to Clean Up A Flooded Basement in Chicagoland

Flooding can be triggered by several things such as heavy rain, encroaching groundwater, or leaking pipes. Our professional team knows exactly what it feels like to experience a flooded basement. As basement restoration experts, we know exactly what it takes to fix a flooded basement.

The Atlas Restoration Promise

  • Urgency​: We provide 24/7 for emergency service in Franklin Park and surrounding areas. An Atlas Restoration representative will come to your business as soon as possible, no matter the hour.
  • Assessment and Explanation​: Our customers need to know what is happening with their commercial structure. Our team will provide a free assessment of your flooded basement. We will offer the best solution and explain the restoration process
  • Security​: Your inventory is the focus for your business. Atlas Restoration works hard to ensure that your assets are treated with the most delicate care, especially after experiencing water damage. During our repair work, we will move items that are at risk of being damaged and return them after the process is complete.
  • Safety​: Our team works quickly, but under the strictest safety requirements. The flood site will be fully protected so that everyone involved in the repair process remain safe.
  • Advanced Technology​: Atlas Restoration only uses the most advanced and scientifically-proven products for repair and restoration of your business. We guarantee the most effective and permanent solution to your basement flooding problems.
  • We follow the “Atlas Total Restoration” principle, which means that our work is not complete until repair and reconstruction of your business is to your satisfaction.

Call us today at 847-994-2526 to learn more about our flood cleanup process for the Chicagoland area.