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Cinder block wall straightening

Cinder Block Wall Straightening

Block Wall Straightening Specifications

  1. Temporarily install shoring to support structure.
  2. Excavate exterior from grade to footing.
  3. Hydraulically jack and straighten wall as possible.
  4. Reinforce wall approximately every 4th block using 3/8" steel rebar grout with cement mix every forth block hollow.
  5. Clean wall exterior and patch damaged blocks as needed. Apply asphaltic waterproofing membrane. Cover with 6 mil polyethylene sheeting for protection during backfill. Tuckpointing, if needed, at additional cost.
  6. Install new 4" plastic perforated outside drain tile. Connection to existing interior drain tile, if required, at additional cost.
  7. Backfill with stone within 24" of grade.  Backfill remaining area with excavated material to within approximately 6" of original grade and rough grade. Top Soil to be provided and placed by others.
  8. Haul away debris.
  9. No relandscaping work is included unless specified in writing elsewhere.
  10. Includes removal of concrete in work area. Replacement is included only if noted in proposal.
  11. Interior drain tile and sump pit and pump with discharge to outside are not included unless otherwise stated.  This may be required at additional cost should existing drain tile system be deficient beyond the excavated repair area.
  12. Siding or exterior façade (6" - 1') from top of foundation wall needs to be removed and replaced by others if needed.