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Crawl Space Liner

Crawlspace Before Hydraliner

Exposed earth underneath your home negatively affects not only the integrity and value of your home, but your family's health. Dirt or gravel crawl spaces can become damp or even flood, causing wood rot and decay, which could be the floor of your kitchen, bathroom or child's bedroom! This moisture can breed a variety of living organisms from mold spores to centipedes, spiders, rats and even snakes

Close the Door to Your Crawl
Hydraliner is designed to permanently separate your home from the earth below.

Mold, Allergies, and Toxins
Mold and mildew are the causes of those damp and musty smells. These are fungi that thrive in humid and moist conditions, such as your crawl space. Humidity levels in your crawl can range from 50%-90%- creating perfect conditions for mold to grow!! Hydraliner will significantly reduce the humidity levels in your crawl space.

High Quality and Solid Strength
Hydraliner is a thick, 20-mil material, similar to that used in lined swimming pools. It actually consists of several layers: high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, and two layers of polyester cord.

Create More Storage for your Home
Hydraliner is tough and puncture resistant. You can crawl on it, service technicians can crawl on it, and you can store any item on it - transforming your former unusable crawl space into a clean, dry, and ample storage space for your home. The Hydraliner's bright white finish actually brightens a crawl space with limited light, creating a friendlier storage environment.

• Guaranteed
• Protects the health of your family
• Increase home value
• Puncture resistant
• Keeps insects, rodents and mold out
• Brightens the crawl space
• Economical - fraction of the cost of concrete
• Adds storage space