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Flood Water Removal and Drying

Flooded basement

Flooded Basement? Don't Panic: Call Atlas Restoration

With Atlas Restoration, you can relax knowing that your flooded basement is in good hands. Our professional team in the Franklin Park and Chicago area knows exactly what it feels like to be hit with a flooded basement. We also know just what it takes to tackle basement floods immediately and effectively. How do we know? Experience tells us that you - a victim of flooding - are most concerned with the following:

  • Urgency: Upon your call for services, an Atlas Restoration representative will come to your home as soon as possible – call us 24/7 for emergency service in Franklin Park and surrounding areas. No matter the hour! 
  • Assessment and Explanation: Our customers deserve to know what is happening in their homes and their most treasured valuables. During our FREE assessment of your flooded basement, we will identify the type and extent of your basement flooding. We will then provide you with the best solution for complete water containment, and will explain the repair process in detail.
  • Security: We believe that all of your items are highly valuable to you and your family. Atlas Restoration works hard to ensure that your belongings are treated with the most delicate care, especially after undergoing water damage.
  • Safety: Our team works quickly, but also under the strictest safety requirements. The flood site in your home will be fully and carefully protected so that all involved in the repair and restoration process are secure.
  • Advanced Technology: As always, Atlas Restoration uses only the most advanced and scientifically proven products for repair and restoration of your home.  We ensure the most effective and permanent solution to nearly all problems related to your basement flooding.

It's true, Atlas Restoration repairs and restores foundation and leakage problems, but we are also equally skilled in water damage repair for flooded basements for Franklin Park and Chicago area residents. Here’s why:

  • Using only the most advanced equipment for water sensing, source identification, extracting, drying, deodorizing, dehumidifying and sanitizing, we will restore your home with minimal disturbances and ensure that you can get back to your normal life quickly and confidently.
  • We can save almost everything in your home from permanent water damage, including drywall, wood, carpets and most other materials. What’s more, we will clear away your personal items in danger of damage during the repair process.
  • We follow the “Atlas Total Restoration” principle, which means that our work is not complete until repair and reconstruction of your home are.