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Joist Sistering / Reinforcing

Joist sistering and reinforcing

Sometimes, the structural support of your home could use some support. By sistering floor joists can make your floors a much more steady part of your house.

Sistering a floor joist is a process of attaching additional material to the side or sides of the floor joist. This can mean screwing a new floor joist of the same size and length to the old floor joist, or it can be a smaller structural member. Sistering could also involve sandwiching the old floor joist with new material on both sides. Typically this involves framing lumber, but it could also involve engineered lumber, structural steel or formed steel floor joists that are made of heavy gauge sheet metal. Because the process of sistering floor joists is done inside, it is a perfect Winter home improvement project.

Whether you are a homeowner, a property manager or a realtor, our team at Atlas Restoration can do a free inspection of your flooring and floor joists! We can provide you with a detailed written proposal after we complete an evaluation of your existing support system. 

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