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Atlas Restoration – Northbrook

Atlas Restoration in Northbrook has a team of well-informed and practiced technicians. We provide a large range of services including basement lowering, floor joists repair, and installing tieback anchors.

Basement Lowering

Many old homes do not provide the space needed to entertain your guests. Basements were used as storage space for furnaces and boxes. Now many people use them for extra rooms, or entertainment spaces. Atlas Restoration can help lower your basement to provide an additional 8-12” in height.

Joist Repair

If your floor joists take on large amounts of moisture, they can begin to deteriorate causing problems for the floors above. Our team can sister current weak joists to strengthen your floors and provide more support to your house.

Tieback Anchors

Soil pressure or poor drainage can trigger walls to crack or bow. Atlas Restoration uses CHANCE™ tieback anchors to help stabilize the wall to the surrounding soil. Call our Northbrook location at 224-458-3030 to learn more about our wide variety of services.