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Hydraway Draintile Waterproofing System

The combination of two superior Hydraway products makes for the most advanced waterproofing system for basement and crawl space areas available.

Hydraway 2000 is made of clog-resistant, heavy-duty, geotextile fabric, which is permanently bonded to a rugged polyethylene core for support and strength. It replaces perforated pipe and rock, PVC and drain tiles.

Hydraway 300 is a high-strength polyethylene core that is fusion-bonded to a geotextile fabric to trap water flow entering a cove base.

The Hydraway Waterproofing System has many important advantages, including:

  • Provides a high flow capacity and compressive strength, compared to most conventional waterproofing systems
  • Does not support fungus growth.
  • Provides an advanced alternative to conventional pipe and rock waterproofing and drain tile.
  • Omnidirectional water entry rate of 90%.
  • Polypropylene filter fabric provides a superior, clog-resistant, filtering system.
  • Backfilled with excavated material, and hence no rock is necessary.
  • 70% higher water flow rate than convential drainage systems.
  • Fabric remains attached even in high heat and humidity, due to fusion bonding.
  • Heavy-duty construction allows for installation in depths in excess of 50'.