Problems with Your Sump Pump

Every now and again, things can go wrong. A machine breaks, the power goes out, your inventory is a risk, the list goes on. But one thing you can do is be ready for any problem. If you have a sump pump for your business, make sure you have a backup.

Having a battery backup pump fortifies your business in case your primary pump becomes inoperable. Below are a few ways your primary pump can stop working properly:

  • Switch problems
  • Clogged pump
  • Power outage
  • Product defect

Why Invest in a Battery Backup Pump

After you experience a power outage or harmful weather and you can’t run your primary pump, the security of a battery backup pump can help save your business from hundreds of dollars in damage. There are several reasons to have a battery backup pump, but the advantages of using Atlas Restoration include:

  • Complete security and extended longevity of the backup system
  • No interference with your business’ primary pump
  • An ION switch eliminates the danger of a stuck float inside a crowded sump pit
  • Suction pipe of our backup pump reaches to the bottom of the sump pit, so it can fully empty the pit each cycle

Don’t wait until after your primary sump pump fails. The knowledgeable Chicago-based team at Atlas Restoration is ready to install the right battery backup pump for your commercial business.

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