Retaining Walls in Chicago and Franklin Park

Structures are often damaged by lateral loads from earth and water pressure. Over time, poor drainage and existing soil conditions can cause retaining or basement walls to buckle, crack or be subjected to other forms of distress, and a retaining wall will limit the damage to your property.

Atlas Restoration uses CHANCE® helical tieback anchors to stabilize and anchor structures subjected to lateral loads.

Each helical tieback develops anchoring resistance capacity through the development of “passive” earth pressure against its helical plates. Passive earth pressure is defined as the structure (the anchor) exerting pressure directly on the earth and causing the structure (helical plates) to move in the direction of the soil mass.

Atlas Restoration provides immediate, on-site load-test of your installed anchor.

Retaining Wall Repair

CHANCE® helical tiebacks are effective for basement or retaining wall repair if the structure is distressed. They are also commonly used in the design of new retaining walls up to 35’ high. Atlas Restoration utilizes CHANCE® helical systems for a number of reasons, including their wide range of products.