If your commercial building sits on a hill or soft soil, there’s a good chance it has a retaining wall. Commonly constructed of timber or concrete, these walls support the soil and prevent the soil from moving down the slope or hill.

Your Structure’s Foundation

The functionality of retaining walls, if placed adjacent to a building on a hill, will help to protect your building foundation from lateral movement. Common contributing factors to failing retaining walls include:

  • Settling of the retaining wall
  • Poor or improper surface water drainage
  • Inadequate foundation support

If your retaining walls are failing, Atlas Restoration has the combination of tools and skills to repair the damage. Solutions we offer include:

  • Hollow bar tieback anchors
  • Helical tieback anchors
  • Carbon fiber straps

You need your building to be safe and functional for your business to succeed. Let Atlas Restoration get your structure repaired properly and cost effectively. Call our team today at 847-994-2526 for your free consultation in the Chicagoland area.