Seepage Through Basement or Crawl Space Walls

Hydra-Shield Wall Paneling System Prevents Basement Seepage

Are you embarrassed to show anyone your dark, dirty basement? Are your basement walls water-stained or cracking? The Hydra-Shield Wall Paneling System used in conjunction with the Hydraway Waterproofing System can brighten up any unsightly basement and prevent water seepage from causing any more damage. The Hydra-Shield basement waterproofing system will transform your damp, ugly basement into a dry, comfortable and usable living space for you and your family to enjoy.

Benefits of the Hydra-Shield Basement Waterproofing System

  • Consists of rigid panels that are secured directly to your basement walls. Each panel is custom fit with matching connectors.
  • Prevents basement seepage and basement leaks.
  • Greatly brightens up your basement.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Easy to clean, simply wash off any dirt.
  • Replaces the "painted on" coating which will peel and eventually allow water to penetrate through walls.

Protect your Crawl Space with Hydra-Liner

Dirt or gravel crawlspaces can become damp or even flood, causing wood rot and decay, which could be the floor of your kitchen, bathroom or child's bedroom! This moisture can breed a variety of living organisms from mold spores to centipedes, spiders, rats and even snakes.

Hydra-Liner is a thick, 20-mil material, similar to that used in lined swimming pools. It consists of several layers: high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, and two layers of polyester cord. Hydra-Liner is tough and puncture resistant. You can crawl on it, service technicians can crawl on it, and you can store any item on it, transforming your former unusable crawlspace into a clean, dry, and ample storage space for your home. The liner's bright white finish actually brightens a crawlspace with limited light, creating a friendlier storage environment.

A basement or crawl space waterproofing system by Atlas Restoration will help prevent water seepage from damaging your Chicago-area home and ensure that you won't have to deal with a damp and unsightly space. For basement seepage repair and waterproofing solutions, contact us today at one of our locations 847-415-9600.

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