Cracked or Bowing Concrete Walls

Cracked Concrete Walls

Visible cracks in the walls of your home is one of the first and most obvious signs that your home may need foundation repair. Professionals know that wall cracks are not a normal occurrence. Cracks occur when the concrete or other material is stressed to the point it cannot withstand. Not all cracks are a sign of danger, but they should be evaluated by a professional to make that determination. Perhaps the foundation has shifted and the walls are no longer being supported on an even surface. The tension on the wall structure created by the foundation shift will cause the wall to crack or break.

Some cracks are merely cosmetic. Let the professionals at Atlas Restoration assess the situation. Atlas Restoration offers affordable foundation concrete crack repair throughout the Chicago area. We perform a complete analysis, determine the cause and extent of the cracking, and let you know our recommendations for dealing with the problem if there is one. Call today to schedule an appointment with an estimator.

Atlas Crack Express

Small interior cracks can be easily repaired with Atlas Crack Express. With one call or email you will receive a price and schedule an appointment for your repair. No meeting with an estimator is necessary, just simply provide us with photos of the crack to be repaired. You save time and money. Call today to find out more.

Bowing Concrete Walls

Poor drainage and soil pressure can cause basement walls to buckle or bow. Using CHANCE™ helicals, we can "tie back" the wall to the surrounding soil, then use steel channels or carbon fiber basement walls to create and maintain stabilization. 

Your estimate will include an evaluation of the soil characteristics of your basement and a selection of the appropriate remediation techniques. Contact Atlas today to schedule an appointment for a free assessment of your home's situation.

crack injection process step one
Crack Injection Process Step two
crack injection process step three
Example of concrete wall straightening.
Cross section of a retaining wall example.