Existing Basement in Chicagoland

Many older homes have small, cramped lower basements because their original use was for storing coal and wood for heating and food for the winter. Nowadays, we want to utilize lower basements to their full capabilities like an entertainment room for your family to enjoy or a place to stash the holiday decorations. More and more often, people interested in selling their homes are putting in the money to add the height in the lower basement because it is such a big selling feature to buyers. There are plenty of reasons for wanting to expand your lower basement headspace. Atlas Restoration's highly trained experts in creating an additional 8-12” height space in your lower basement.

Atlas Restoration’s process of expanding your lower basement head space consists of just a few steps that we can complete even in the tightest project time frame. The existing floors are removed and the material below is excavated down to the desired elevation. A waterproof liner is then placed on the lower basement walls and tucked below new HydraWay 2000 drain tile. This system allows water to rapidly drain from the soil and relieves the hydrostatic pressure against subsurface structures. A concrete curb is poured around the lower basement perimeter. Next, a compacted stone, Visqueen liner and wire mesh are firmly installed. Visqueen is a polyethylene plastic sheet that protects the lower basement from water infiltration. The last step is to pour a new concrete floor and smooth it out with a trowel.

Once our job is done and the new lower basement is finished, you get to do the fun part - decorating and enjoying the space for years to come.

Basment Lowering