Exterior Drainage for Basement Waterproofing

Your yard should be a flood-free, clean and open space for you and your family. Atlas Restoration aims to help you enjoy your lawn to the fullest with exterior drainage services such as French drain installation. Our drainage contractors have tackled countless drainage problems and water accumulation issues in all kinds of yards in the Chicago area. We know the importance of your yard, which is why we offer the following services and solutions:

  • Burying gutter downspouts
  • French drain installation
  • Trench drain installation
  • Burying sump pump discharges
  • Yard water solutions
  • Flooding yard solutions
  • Drywell installation
  • Window well drainage

What is a French drain system and how does it work?

A French drain system, sometimes referred to as a trench drain or a weeping tile, is a narrow trench that can be filled with gravel or rock and contains a pipe and rigid drain tile to intercept and divert subsurface water to a better, safer location. This system is ideal for removing excess water below the ground surface in flat yards. Flat yards with no slope are at a disadvantage when it comes to water as the movement of water through the earth is minimal and heavy rainfall often causes pooling or flooding in the yard.

A French drain system intercepts and diverts this groundwater through its trench and deposits it where you want it, such as a rain barrel or municipal storm drain.

Trench drains as a basement drain system

French drains are not only useful if you have a flat yard or a particular low spot with poor drainage - they provide relief for those who have basements that admit water through the foundation as well. Essentially, this groundwater presses against your foundation until it leaks through and you end up with a damp and musty basement. A trench drain allows water near the foundation to be rerouted and deposited elsewhere. 

If you have noticed your basement is wet despite otherwise adequate outdoor drainage, it is possible to install a trench drain for your basement. Installation typically includes cutting a trench in the basement slab along the perimeter of your foundation and laying down pipe within the trench. Finally a sump pump is put in to move water from the interior to the exterior of your home. The installation is essentially the same whether you’re putting a French drain system for your basement or your yard - the trench is dug with a slope in the direction the water needs to go and the rigid pipe is laid.


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