Slabjacking in the Chicagoland Area - AtlasLift

Slab settlement and pavement problems often occur in highways, bridge approaches, taxiways/runways, warehouses, and factory floors. Weak underlying soils are the primary cause of many of these settlement problems.

In order to remedy your structure's settlement problems, slabs are lifted, realigned and stabilized through the drilling of 5/8" holes. This pattern of holes is then injected with high density water blown polyurethane. Upon expansion of the polyurethane, the holes are filled and a controlled pressure is enforced to lift the problematic area.

Atlas Restoration uses only the most highly advanced slabjacking technology, which allows for incremental slab lifting, powerful control of the injected material and reduced cracking. Compared to cement-based grouts, the lightweight characteristics of polyurethane add only a minor surcharge load to the distressed sub-base. The polyurethanes rapid curing enables raised slabs to be restored to traffic-use almost immediately.

With polyurethanes minimal restoration downtime, 3,000 psi strength, exceptional freeze-thaw characteristics, low permeability, .02% drying shrinkage, any structure requiring slabjacking will benefit from the expertise and advanced technology provided by Atlas Restoration.