Wall Cracks

Cracks that are visible and accessible from inside your commercial basement are often repaired the same way by most waterproofing contractors. A low-pressure injection of epoxy is used to seal the crack from inside the building. A hydrophobic polyurethane that is flexible will most likely not crack again unless there is significant foundation movement. Epoxy is fine for a structural repair, but it is very rigid. We prefer a more flexible material for leaking cracks.

Concrete Cracks

Cracks in concrete caused by shrinkage are a common foundation problem. Cracks due to shrinkage are easy to detect. They usually extend the full length of the foundation wall. Unfortunately, such large cracks allow a path for water to enter.

How to Treat Your Crack Problem

There are several ways to take care of water seepage from cracks. Atlas Restoration has a quick, easy, and effective solution to this issue. Our repairing solution includes injecting liquid polyurethane, which turns into foam. In just a few minutes, the polyurethane liquid reacts with the water in the crack and begins to foam. Injecting in liquid form enables a gentle and slow filling treatment that will fill the crack completely and quickly. After the liquid forms into a foam, it restricts water from leaking into the cracks. The strong bond formed by this foam to concrete is strong enough to tolerate even the most severe pressure.

Polyurethane Injection

Using a polyurethane injection into your wall cracks can give your building the following advantages:

  • Ensures a more permanent solution than other crack patching methods.
  • Repair occurs on the inside of the basement wall, creating much less mess from repair
  • Quick repair process that effectively halts water leaks and provides flexibility
  • Provides confidence that your possessions will be safe from water

If your business is experiencing water leakage through the walls, contact us to schedule a time for one of our estimators to analyze the problem. Our team will work with you to determine the best solution for your problem.

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