If you have a crawlspace that resides below your business office, you probably rarely think about it. Most people have the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. You are more focused on running your business and not about the crawlspace below. The reality is that if crawlspaces are not properly taken care of, numerous problems can arise around your foundation.

Common Crawlspace Problems

Inadequate Structural Support

If the beams or columns set in place are not properly positioned, the floors above can begin to sink. Inadequate structure columns can lead to uneven floors across your building. You may also begin to see cracks along the walls, and doors or windows that do not close properly.

Deteriorating Wood

Deteriorating floor joists can cause the floors above to start sagging. Wood that is exposed to high amounts of moisture, condensation, humidity, or flooding can begin to rot and increase the risk of structural failure.

Problems with Moisture

High amounts of moisture can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and other health and environmental hazards. If the area is not properly monitored, moisture is released into the area, making it easier for mold to release toxins into your business. Moisture can also be absorbed into the ceiling of the crawlspace and up into the floors of your foundation. This can produce musty odors and poor air quality throughout your business.

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