Repairing Your Warehouse Floor in Chicagoland

Your warehouse stores valuable inventory and you need a floor slab that provides for safe vehicular traffic and efficient distribution of materials to and from your loading docks. Proper warehouse floor maintenance is critical to safe forklift operation. If joints are damaged and slabs have settled, injuries to forklift operators may occur and the cost of forklift maintenance will increase.

Costing Your Business in More Ways Than One

Warehouse floor problems that are left untouched will only become worse. This can lead to more problems and higher repair costs:

  • Repeated hitting of damaged joints can cause forklift driver injuries ie back and shoulder pain
  • Accelerated deterioration of lift truck tires and damage to the forklift
  • Added difficulty to maintaining a clean floor
  • Decrease in productivity

Our team has the tools and experience to select the right warehouse floor repair for your unique circumstances.

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