Having a humid and musty crawlspace can lead to large amounts of problems for your home. Poorly insulated crawlspaces can lead to mold growth, deteriorating wood joists, and insect infestation. Did you know that up to half of your home’s airflow comes from the crawlspace? As the moisture from your crawlspace rises, it penetrates your floors and can cause structural damage to your home. Atlas Restoration offers crawlspace encapsulation solutions that will help protect your family from problems occurring below your foundation.

What is Crawlspace Encapsulation?

Crawlspace encapsulation encompasses lining your crawlspace with a barrier from the ground and around the foundation walls. Once the lining is added, our team will find the right solution to ensure proper humidity levels in your crawlspace.

Signs Your Crawlspace Could be Affected

At Atlas Restoration, we want to ensure your family’s safety inside your home. If you start noticing mold, moisture on the windows, or problems with insects in your crawlspace, it may be time to consider crawlspace encapsulation.

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