Drain Tile

A drain tile, also known as a French drain, is a system that collects and removes water from beneath and around your commercial building. Installing a drain tile is a common solution for lower levels with water seepage issues. Using Hydraway 2000 engineered drain tile adjacent to the footing and surrounded by rock allows the water to flow safely away from your property.

Installing a Drain Tile in Chicagoland

Whether your system is being installed during initial construction or years later, our skilled team will determine the right drain tile installation for your business. We will remove 12 inches of concrete away from the wall before installing the drain tile. Our team will properly lay the drain tile to ensure below grade water will be re-directed to the pump and discharged properly per building code requirements.

Your business is a large financial investment, and our team is here to help maintain its value. Call Atlas Restoration, serving the Chicagoland area, today at 847-994-2526 to learn how a professionally installed drain tile system can help protect your business.