Drain Tiles in the Chicago Area

A drain tile, French Drain, perimeter tile drain, and weeping tile are all names for a system that collects and removes water from beneath or around your foundation. Inserting a drain tile is a common solution for basements with water seepage problems. Using a perforated pipe, the drain tile is immersed into the ground and surrounded by stone, allowing the water to flow safely toward your sump pump.

Installing Drain Tile Systems

Whether your system is being installed during new home construction or years after the house has settled, our expert team will help determine the right drain tile installation for your home. When installing a drain tile, we will remove 12 inches of concrete away from the wall. Then our team will properly lay the drain tile to ensure water removal, and conclude by safely enclosing the area.

Your home is one of your largest financial investments, and we’re here to help maintain its value. Call Atlas Restoration today to learn how a professionally installed drain tile system can help protect your Chicagoland home.

Can a drain tile get clogged?

It makes sense to have concerns over a drain tile system potentially becoming clogged and not being able to function at directing groundwater away from your basement and foundation. The traditional perforated drain tile systems are effective at moving water away from your infrastructure and generally require very little in terms of maintenance. It is not impossible that you could see some clogging happen and it is recommended to inspect them each year.

Hydraway 2000

In order to combat the potential for your drain tile system clogging, at Atlas Restoration, we utilize a special system that has proven to be better than the competition. The Hydraway 2000 drain tile system is made of clog-resistant, heavy-duty geotextile fabric, which is permanently bonded to a rugged polyethylene core for support. It has a 70% higher water flow rate than conventional PVC drainage systems, and an omnidirectional water entry rate of 90%.

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