Drain Tile Systems in the Chicago Area

A properly installed and maintained basement drainage system removes water before it has a chance to rise above the level of the basement floor. Drain tile, French Drain, perimeter tile drain, and weeping tile are all names for a drainage system that collects and removes water from beneath or around your foundation. Installing a drain tile system is a common solution for basements or crawl spaces with water seepage problems.

Hydraway 2000 Drain Tile System

At Atlas Restoration we utilize Hydraway drainage systems. Hydraway systems resist clogging better than any perforated drain system on the market today and is the industry's fastest drainage system. Hydraway 2000 drain tile is made of clog-resistant, heavy-duty geotextile fabric. It has a 70% higher water flow rate than conventional PVC drainage systems and an omnidirectional water entry rate of 90%. Hydraway systems are built to last and there has never been a reported failure due to quality problems or manufacturing defects.

Can a drain tile system get clogged?

Homeowners are often concerned about that potential for their drain tile system becoming clogged and unable to direct groundwater away from their basement or crawl space. Traditional drainage systems utilizing perforated pipes can become clogged with soil, clay, and even sand. A perforated pipe system may work in the short term, but over time dirt enters the system and can cause it to fail. With the Hydraway system’s clog-resistant needle-punctured fabric exterior, water has a clear path into the system and dirt and silt are kept out. Because Hydraway systems do not experience clogging like traditional systems and have a 0% failure rate when properly installed, they offer a reliable solution that provides peace of mind that your home is protected.

Installing a Drain Tile System

Whether your drainage system is being installed during new home construction or years after the house has settled, our expert team will help determine the drain tile system that is right for your home's unique needs.

A foundation drainage system has four main components:

  1. Drainage pipe (drain tile)
  2. Gravel or drainage stone
  3. Concrete covering the gravel
  4. Discharge system (consisting of a sump basin and sump pump)

When installing drain tile, we will remove 12 inches of concrete away from the wall. Then our team will properly lay the Hydraway 2000 drain tile, enclose the tile with gravel, and cover the area with concrete. The drain tile is connected to a sump pit and pump to ensure that water is safely discharged from your basement or crawl space.

Your home is one of your largest financial investments, and we’re here to help maintain its value. Call Atlas Restoration today to learn how a professionally installed Hydraway drainage system can help protect your Chicagoland home.

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Hydraway example
Hydraway 2000 drain tile cross section.