Beam and Column Repair and Replacement

Replace failling wood beams with steel I-beams, columns and concrete piers.


  • Uneven floors
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Doorframes leaning or doors sticking
  • Wood beam twisting or splintering
  • Wood beam sagging between columns


  • Over time, original wood beams will fail as a result of age or differential loading conditions


  • The wood joists are temporarily shored to remove the floor load off of the existing beam. At this time the floors can be brought back up to their appropriate level utilizing a series of hydraulic jacks manifolded together.
  • The columns and piers (if necessary) are then removed.
  • New piers (if necessary) are formed and poured.
  • New 3 ½” Schedule 40 steel columns are installed on the piers and adjusted to their appropriate height using adjustable 100-ton screw jacks.
  • A new steel I-beam is then installed and the load is transferred to the new steel columns.
  • The temporary shoring is then removed and the work site is thoroughly cleaned.