Joist Repair

Deteriorating floor joists can cause sagging or sloped floors and even structural failure. Your floor joists are the primary support of your floors. If finished floors begin to sag due to joist checking or span issues, the joists weaken and cause your floors to become uneven. Our skilled staff will provide a cost effective repair solution.

Accurate Joist Repair Services

Our technicians will perform a site inspection at your commercial building to determine the cause of the distress. A few reasons joist repair is needed include:

  • Termite damage and wood rot
  • Faulty joist design e.g. over-spanning of joists
  • Excess cracking or checking of joists

Once the problem is identified, our team consults with a licensed structural design engineer to provide a repair design for your floor joist issues.

Repair techniques include:

  • Sistering of joists
  • Removal and replacement of defective joists
  • Beam and column replacements or additions

If you are experiencing floor joist problems, contact the experts at Atlas Restoration today.

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