Foundation Repair in the Chicago Area

Without a firm, structurally-sound foundation, your commercial building has limited support. Improper foundation support can result in structural defects that can reduce the value of the building. It is best to address foundation repair and maintenance at the earliest stage to ensure life-long stability for your building and minimize damages.

Your structure's foundation problems are likely the result of settling and shifting of the soil under your foundation. A structure's foundation loses its support system as the soil moves. Changes in the soil can lead to cracks and defects in the foundation.

Several problems, both seen and unseen, are the result of your commercial building's improper foundation. Atlas Restoration offers basement crack and wall repair services in the Chicago area that can save you time and money.

Atlas Restoration is the leading foundation repair specialist in the Chicago area. Don't let your foundation problems continue. Call us today for a free foundation repair estimate to assess the situation.

Common Signs that your Building Needs Foundation Repair

Early identification of foundation problems will prevent more detrimental issues from occurring. Some clear-cut symptoms of existing foundation problems are visible cracks in the foundation, drywall or plaster cracks, stair step cracks in the masonry façade, uneven floors or walls, uneven beams, windows and doors that are not working properly.

Visible Cracks

Visible cracks in the foundation walls are the most obvious signs that your foundation needs repair. Most cracks are found in the basement or lower levels of the building. Cracks occur when the concrete or other material is stressed beyond the flexural strength it can withstand. Not all cracks are a sign of danger, but all cracks should be evaluated by a professional to make that determination.

The team at Atlas Restoration will perform a complete analysis and determine the cause and extent of the cracking and provide solutions to your problem.

Uneven Floors or Walls

Uneven floors or walls are another sign of a failing foundation. Obvious characteristics of uneven floors or walls include:

  • Feeling of unevenness when walking across the floor
  • Slanting or cracking in partition walls
  • Spaces between walls, spaces between walls and floors, and/or spaces between walls and ceilings

You may notice these spaces pulling or moving apart over time. Cracks or separations require immediate professional inspection and repair from our foundation sinking experts in the Chicago area.

Uneven Beams

If you have exposed beams in your building, either in your ceilings or basement, then you can check for early signs of defects. Beams should be flush against the ceiling and not show any signs of bowing or sagging.

Beams provide a major support, and weak or failing beams can present a very dangerous situation for you, your employees, and your customers. Failing beams can be a direct result of a distressed foundation.

Brick Cracks

When cracks begin to form on the exterior walls of your business, this can be an early warning sign of foundation issues. Cracks may appear in the concrete walls and the bricks visible on the exterior. These cracks and lines occur because of the foundation movement and the pressure this creates on structural members. While the cracks may begin small, they can rapidly expand, threatening the building’s framework.

Common Causes of Brick Cracks

  • Soil expansion/contraction
  • Soil desiccation or soil erosion
  • Weather events
  • Changes in temperature – freezing and thawing
  • Faulty drainage

Interior Wall Cracks

If the foundation of your commercial building is settling due to age or shifting ground conditions, it can result in cracks on the interior walls. As initial cracks in the interior walls of a structure seem like a minor issue, the variation and severity of cracks are not obvious. Ignoring the changes in these cracks over time—which most often occur as the building settles—results in the development of serious, potentially dangerous structural integrity issues.

Common Causes of Interior Wall Cracks

  • Shrinkage of natural drywall
  • Poor or improper foundation construction
  • Changes in temperature
  • Settlement of new building
  • Soil expansion/contraction

Sticking Windows and Doors

Business owners will notice that their windows are cracking along the caulking area. These may be splits or cracks that often begin small but can quickly spread over time. Cracks and gaps along windows and door frames can be a sign of a more serious problem affecting a larger area of your building. Our Chicago area foundation sinking services can help.

A door that will not close properly and needs a stronger push to open often indicates a problem with your structure. Some doors will get stuck while trying to be opened or may have a hard time closing; small cracks, openings, or gaps around the border of the frame might indicate a separation.

Gaps in doors and windows may be the result of shifts and early indicators that the foundation is shifting and changing. Call the experts today to learn more about sticking windows and doors.

If you notice any signs that could be causes of foundation problems, contact the experts at Atlas Restoration. Our team will work with you to determine the causes of your issues and provide you with solutions to fix the issues.

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