Underpinning - Installing Resistance Piers for Foundation Stabilization

Foundation problems are often the result of settling and shifting soil, because a structure's foundation loses its support system as the soil changes or moves. Changes in the soil lead to cracks and defects in the foundation, which in turn adds to an already faulty support system. A number of problems, both visible and unseen, are the result of an improper foundation. Atlas Restoration offers foundation leveling pier systems in the Chicago area that can save money and trouble in the long run.

The Atlas Pier assembly is available in the following configurations:

  • Atlas Standard and Modified 2 Piece System: used for lifts up to 4 inches. Ultimate capacity up to 110,000 pounds
  • Atlas Plate Pier System: used for lifts up to 4 inches. Easy surface mount installation. May be used for round column applications. Ultimate capacity of up to 100,000 pounds
  • Atlas Pre-Drilled Pier System: used for lifts up to 4 inches. For use where designer requires penetration into bearing rock or where unsuitable rock is near surface
  • Atlas Continuous Lift Pier System: used for lifts exceeding 4 inches. Ultimate capacity up to 100,000 pounds
  • Atlas Slab Pier System: easy installation through 8-inch diameter access hole. Quickly restores slabs using torque wrench to lift floor

The ATLAS 2-piece resistance piers, Models AP2 (PA)-3500.165 and AP2 (PA)-3500.165M, comply with the structural provisions of the most recent editions of the BOCA National Code, ICBO Uniform Code, SBCCI Standard Code and the 2000 International Building and Residential Codes. Atlas triple-coat corrosion protection is not equalled by any other piers in strength or durability.

Contact Atlas today to learn more about how a pier system can repair your failing foundation.

Two piece plate pier system example.
Two piece predrilled pier system example
Example of two piece under footing pier system.
Example of continuous lift pier system.