Your Chicagoland Building’s Sinking Foundation

Sinking foundations can be dangerous for you and your customers. They can be hazardous and lead to an unsafe environment. Slabs on grade will settle at the building perimeter if the slab is supported on the footing toe and the footing is moving vertically due to differential settlement.

Problems with Your Foundation Stem Wall

If you start noticing that your building has uneven floors, cracks in the drywall or masonry, or doors and windows sticking to the frames, your concrete foundation may be experiencing differential settlement. These problems can be caused by several factors, but some of the most common include:

  • Soil desiccation due to drying of cohesive soils
  • Soil erosion often times is a result of improper grading adjacent to the building
  • Roof drain down spouts that are not properly drained to the storm sewer or at a sufficient distance from the building to prevent soil erosion

Find the Right Solution

Our team will work with you to find the right solution for your sinking foundation. We will work with owners and owners’ representatives to ensure the safety of your employees during the repair process. Our method for repairing sinking foundations includes:

  • Atlas resistance piers to support the foundation vertically
  • Chance helical tie backs for lateral stability if required
  • Steel crack plates for repair of structural cracks
  • Strapping of walls with steel rods when cracking is significant
  • Lifting or stabilizing of the building

Our Chicago-based team at Atlas Restoration is here to permanently repair your settled building foundation. Call us today at 847-994-2526 to learn more about our process.