Hydraway Basement Waterproofing in Chicagoland

The combination of two superior Hydraway Products creates the most effective state-of-the-art basement waterproofing system for basements and crawlspaces.

Made of heavy-duty, clog-resistant geotextile fabric, Hydraway 2000 is permanently fixed to a polyethylene core, providing the ultimate level strength and support for your basement waterproofing system. It replaces punctured rock and pipe, PVC and drain tiles.

Hydraway 300, a high strength polyethylene core, is bonded to a geotextile fabric for catching the water flow entering a cove base.

When compared to most conventional perforated pipe and rock, PVC and drain tile basement waterproofing methods and systems, the Hydraway Waterproofing System has a greater compressive strength and higher flow capacity.

Advantages of the Hydraway Basement Waterproofing System:

  • Prevents fungus growth
  • A great alternative to more common - though less effective - pipe and rock, waterproofing and drain tile
  • 90% omnidirectional rate of water entry
  • 70% higher water flow rate than today's average drainage systems
  • Backfilled with excavated material, which means no rock is necessary
  • Fusion-bonding, even in high temperatures and humidity, keeps the fabric firmly attached.
  • Heavy-duty construction allows for installation in depths in excess of 50'.
  • Polypropylene filter fabric delivers a top-quality and clog-resistant filtering system

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