Homeowner - Arlington Height - February 2018

"Atlas is a class act from stem & stern!! The employees rock!! Jason Clesle thoroughly explained the whole process and answered any questions I had. -Stacy andPat were extremely helpful as well!! - Rick came on site 1 say prior and walked me through the timeline and answered any questions or concerns I had. - The crew - Chuy, Benjamin, Manuel and Salvador were extremely courteous and thoughtful in keeping my property and house clean, orderly and safe. - Wil came the morning the hydraulics were connected to the piers and explained to me, in great detail, the lifting process and what the expectations were. He told me about cracks, nail pops and door shift. He was very clear that those were normal. (Jason had told me the same thing at the very first meeting). There were cracks, pops and indeed the door shifted and wouldn't lock properly. Wil contacted an Altas foreman and requested the door be worked on the same day to ensure my safety and fully functioning front door that was secure. Sergi fixed the front door. Again, very courteous and concerned with keeping my wood floor clean and protected. They asked me to double check the deadbolt. They came right back in and fixed it so that I could turn the deadbolt easily. I can't say this enough – Atlas Restoration is AMAZING! Thank you ALL for caring for my home as if it was your own."