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Atlasafe Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program for Sump Pumps and More

Regular maintenance can prevent more costly repairs down the road. This is true for your vehicle, your furnace and especially your foundation and waterproofing systems.

Atlas Restoration offers a preventive maintenance service that will keep your basement or crawl space dry all year around. Our trained technicians will perform an in-depth, 10-point inspection of your basement or crawl space and find any problems that may worsen in the future.

So whether you're new to your home, never had your basement inspected or you can't remember how old your sump pump actually is, schedule your AtlasSafe Maintenance Service today and we will make sure your basement will be dry for good.

The AtlasSafe Maintenance Service Includes: 

  1. Cleaning and water-testing of storm water sump pump
  2. Cleaning of your storm water sump pit
  3. Flushing and water-testing of discharge line and fittings
  4. Replacing of battery in High Water Alarm
  5. Checking battery and operation of backup pump
  6. Testing ejector pump
  7. Checking yard drainage and downspout extensions
  8. Inspecting window wells and drains
  9. Examining foundation walls for seepage or structural damage
  10. Providing a complete written report of findings and recommendations

Your Complete AtlasSafe Maintenance Service Inspection is only $98.