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Sump Pump

Frozen Sump Pump Discharge

Your sump pump is only as efficient as it's ability to discharge the water away from your home.  In many situations the drain tile under your basement floor or outside your foundation walls is tied into a basin or pit.  Inside this basin is a sump pump that is activated by the rising water.  The purpose of this pump is to eject the water from the pit (when it reaches a certain level) away from your house either into the sewer stack or, more frequently, out into the yard.  While this latter system is very effective, it can be problematic this time of year as discharges can become frozen.  If your sump discharge is frozen the water cannot pump out and this can cause the pump to fail.  If you suspect that this is happening in your home first try to melt the water in the discharge line.  If you are unable to do this, or wish to stop this from happening again, give Atlas Restoration a call at 866-841-6639 or log on to our website and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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