Sinking Floors

Sinking concrete slabs frequently occur to warehouse, office, factory, sidewalks, highways, bridges, and airport runway slabs on grade. Your sinking concrete is most likely caused by weak soil underneath your concrete slab. The weight of the slab and the traffic on the slab puts pressure on the soil, causing it to lower and settle down causing safety concerns with offset joints and an increase in damage to slab edges when the slab has forklift or vehicle traffic. The design life of the slab can be compromised as result of the settlement and distress.

How to Repair Your Sinking Slab on Grade Issues

Our team has the solution to repair your concrete slab settlement problem. The first step is to perform a condition survey to determine the affected areas. We measure the amount of settlement using lasers to estimate the lifting that is required. For warehouse floors experiencing joint damage, we measure the amount of deflection caused by forklift traffic. This is performed with a modified Benkelman Beam or a Dip Stick Digital device.

The steps to repair the slab include drilling 5/8” holes within the area. The holes are injected with high-density, water-blown polyurethane. Once the holes are filled and the slab is lifted and/or the slab or joints stabilized, the holes are repaired with a high strength non-shrink cement mortar.

Using the Latest Technology to Reduce Cracking in Chicagoland

Atlas Restoration uses the most advanced slab jacking technology, which allows slab lifting and control of the injected material to reduce cracking. Compared to cement-based grouts, the lightweight characteristics of polyurethane add a significantly lower surcharge load to the distressed area than cement grout. The polyurethanes rapid drying capability enables slabs to be restored to their normal use within minutes.

The polyurethane material has minimal restoration downtime, over 9000psf strength, exceptional freeze-thaw characteristics, low permeability, and minimal drying shrinkage. Settling slabs on grade slabs or joint deflection and edge distress will benefit from the expertise and advanced technology provided by Atlas Restoration.

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