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Rapid Set Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair in Franklin Park and Chicago


Atlas Restoration proudly offers comprehensive concrete repair services to Chicagoland residential and commercial properties. Our work is fast, efficient and thorough, so your home or industrial space is quickly back in working order. Atlas Restoration utilizes several kinds of rapid set mortars that allow for traffic within one to two hours following installation.


Industrial floor repair for your business does not have to greatly impact your work schedule. Many industrial spaces have concrete floors that have seen better days. Visible cracks or crumbling concrete can be an eyesore as well as a safety concern. Atlas Restoration offers warehouse concrete floor repair that will make your industrial space much safer and easier to clean. The materials used by Atlas Restoration exhibit minimal cracking and are effective for parking garages, loading docks, warehouse aisles and any application requiring a quick turnaround.


Residential properties with concrete floors, such as in the garage or basement, can also take advantage of the concrete floor repair services from Atlas Restoration.  Our team can even tell if the cracks in your concrete floor are part of a larger structural issue. 


To learn more about our comprehensive residential and industrial floor repair services, call us at (866) 841-6639.