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Undersealing - AtlasFill

Undersealing of jointed concrete slabs is required when jointed slab edges deteriorate as a result of curled slabs that deflect under traffic load. This distress occurs on warehouse floors with forklift traffic and on roads and bridge approaches with vehicular traffic. The most common cause of curling is shrinkage of concrete. Because the curled slab lifts at the joint, a void is created under the control or construction joint. This void creates a space that allows the slab to deflect under the load. As a vehicle passes from the approach slab to the leave slab the deflection in the approach slab causes the wheels of the vehicle to hit the leave slab, in turn creating distress and spalling of the joint edges.

Atlas Restoration's method of repair includes the injection of a high density polyurethane foam that fills the void space under the joint and prevents the slab from deflecting. On site, Atlas Restoration's work crew grinds the joints level to remove the curl and performs armored joint repair or joint re-nosing to repair the distressed joint edges. Once repaired, the joint is re-established and a new high durometer flexible joint filler is installed to further protect the joint edge.