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Voidfilling – AtlasFill

As Atlas Restoration knows, working with concrete comes with a long list of challenges. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to overcome is that the ground below concrete is always moving, shifting, and settling. All of this movement can create voids in the ground below the concrete that if left alone can lead to more serious damage and costly repairs. 

As we all know, Chicagoland experiences highly unpredictable climate changes. All of the freezing and thawing associated with these sharp changes in weather creates shifts in improperly-compacted ground and soil, leading to water erosion. The voids and gaps caused by this erosion must be dealt with immediately.

As is often said in the concrete business: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Void filling and repair work costs a minor fraction of the cost of dealing with concrete problems that are beyond the point of repair. 

AtlasFoam Void Filling

Void filling involves injecting high density polyurethane into drilled holes where the void exists. Filling these holes provides sufficient support for the concrete slab floating above the void. Through this non-intrusive process, the holes are then filled with cement grout. 

After filling the holes where the voids in the ground or soil beneath your structure exist, an Atlas Restoration expert will guide you through to the end of the structural recovery process by fully reviewing the work that has been done and providing sound advice for keeping your concrete strong and healthy.