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Cinder Block Wall Stabilization

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Basement Wall Stabilization

Basement walls are the very foundation of your house. There are many reasons why basement walls bow and require wall stabilization. If you're looking for cinder block wall repair services, or if you have basement wall problems, Atlas Restoration can help.

The most important factor in the stability of a house foundation is the soil and water around it. For example, many soils contain clay, which can contract and expand based on the amount of moisture in it. When clay is saturated with water it expands and can create additional pressure on a basement wall.

Common Causes of Bowing Basement Walls:

  • Type of surrounding soil
  • Expansion/contraction of surrounding soil
  • Poor drainage around foundation

Poor drainage around the perimeter of your house can add too much water in the earth, weakening the soil and causing your house to shift. The changes in moisture can have a major effect on your basement walls. As moisture builds up in the soil it becomes heavier and therefore puts extra pressure on the walls.

These forces push the soil against your basement's walls and over time cause them to bow inward. Vertical and horizontal cracks are indicative of a structural problem.

Constant pressure from moist soil erodes mortar and allows blocks to slowly displace, resulting in cracked foundations and bulging or bowed basement walls that allow moisture to find its way in.

StrongHold™ Basement Wall Stabilization System

The StrongHold™ Basement Wall Stabilization System utilizes a patented carbon fiber technology that integrates aerospace advancements with the most high-tech basement wall repair techniques, leading to the strengthening and stabilization of your home's foundation. The StrongHold Basement Wall Stabalization System is designed to be so strong, so safe and so economical, that no other basement wall stabalization system comes close in quality or technology.

Top Reasons Expert Basement Remodeling Contractors Use The StrongHold™ Basement Wall Stabilization System:

  • No need for excavation or drilling in your basement
  • StrongHold installs easily without the need for heavy or noisy equipment
  • StrongHold is stronger, thinner than steel and over 40 times lighter and lighter
  • StrongHold carbon fiber straps will never corrode like steel.

With its incredible strength, durability, and ease of installation, StrongHold is the best choice of material to provide wall stabilization for your basement's bowing walls.

If your basement walls are bowing and need stabilization, contact the basement remodeling contractors at Atlas Restoration today. Call (847) 994-2526 to schedule a Free Inspection! We can also help with cinder block and cement block wall repair.