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French Drains - Exterior Drainage

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Chicago French Drain Installation

Your yard should be a flood-free, clean and open space for you and your family. Atlas Restoration aims to help you enjoy your lawn to the fullest with yard drainage services such as French drain installation. Our drainage contractors have tackled countless drainage problems and water accumulation issues in all kinds of yards. Your yard is an important part of your home and constant flooding can be damaging to the grass and landscaping. 

We provide the following:

  • Bury gutter downspouts
  • French drain installations
  • Bury sump pump discharges
  • Yard water solutions
  • Flooding yard solutions
  • Drywell installations
  • Window well drainage

French Drains and Drainage

One example of Atlas Restoration's solutions to yard drainage problems is French drain installation. Flat yards with no slope are at a disadvantage as the movement of water through the earth is minimal and heavy rainfalls cause pooling, or flooding levels. The movement of sub-surface water can be increased by intercepting and diverting its flow through a drainage system embedded in narrow trenches, sometimes called a French drain or trench drain. French drain installation includes the cutting of an individual slot with a trencher and vertically or horizontally applying a fabric-covered rigid drain tile to effectively intercept and divert water to a better, safer location where it will not cause damage to your yard or home.  

French drain installation can be the answer to the flooding in your yard. Atlas Restoration's team of drainage contractors will carefully examine the characteristics of your yard, including slope, soil type and proximity to your home. We will then determine how to effectively restore your yard and avoid flooding. If you need drain installation in the Chicago area, call the drainage contractors at Atlas Restoration!