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Home Crawl Space to Full Basement Conversion

home crawl space basement conversions

Amazing Home Crawl Space to Basement Conversions

Want to do more with your crawl space? Atlas Restoration can help! Our Chicago home crawl space to basement conversion team will build you an amazing full-height basement using the highest quality material. Our crawl space to basement conversions allow you to expand your living area for work, play, storage, or simple practicality.

What is a crawl space? 

A crawl space is essentially a shallow, unfinished basement. Basements typically push the foundation of your home deeper into the soil below, creating enough headroom to use the area beneath your home as a livable space.

As the name implies, most crawl spaces are only tall enough to crawl through, so they are typically used for storage or not at all. However, they are originally intended to provide a cheap solution for easy access to your home’s heating and cooling, water and plumbing, and electrical systems. Otherwise, these systems would be restricted by a concrete slab foundation, requiring more work (and money) to access. 

Basements provide the same benefit as crawl spaces when compared to concrete slabs: more accessible, more storage. Yet, while crawl spaces are cheaper to build, they don’t add to your home value the way a basement does. 

Why would I convert a crawl space to a basement? 

Crawl Spaces Can Create Excess Moisture Problems

When not treated properly, the exposed dirt floor of many crawl spaces can create moisture problems in your home. Crawl spaces often need to be waterproofed and encapsulated to prevent excess moisture from causing mold, mildew, and foundation issues in your residential property. However, because crawl spaces are not used often, this process can be forgotten or neglected. 

When converting your crawl space and basement to function as game rooms, bedrooms, gym, or home office, you’ll want to ensure that it is waterproofed to protect your possessions and investment.

Create More Livable Space

A crawl space to basement conversion can be a cost-effective way to adding more livable space to your home. Especially in areas like Chicago where land is in low supply and high demand, converting a crawl space to a basement offers an alternative to expensive home addition projects. Utilizing the space beneath your home can make room for additional bedrooms and living areas, even when the size of your lot seems to prevent home expansion. If you’re wanting to up-size your home, but don’t want to move, crawl space conversion is the perfect solution for you!\

Add Value to Your Home

Homeowners are looking for more space, and many see a basement as a necessity. Crawl space conversions are definitely an investment, but a worthy one when considering the amount of value you can add to your home with the basement and additional square footage.

How do I convert a crawlspace to a basement?

Whether your crawl space spans the entire space under your home, or sit adjacent to a full-depth basement, we follow a step-by-step process like the one below to convert your crawl space into a new basement.

  • Step 1: Excavate a ramp to provide access to the work area.
  • Step 2: Remove soils beneath the home.
  • Step 3: Underpin your home's existing foundation for additional support.
  • Step 4: Install new footings and foundation walls.
  • Step 5: Install a drain tile system and stone base.
  • Step 6: Finally, a concrete floor is poured, and your home now has a new or larger basement!

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