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Hydrabreeze Moisture Control System

Hydrabreeze moisture control system

Waterproofing with Hydrabreeze will provide complete moisture control from both outdoor and indoor sources. Hydrabreeze will reduce condensation and draw out saturated moisture in the windows, walls, doors and floors. The Hydrabreeze unit will expel excess moisture, gases, toxins and pollutants, and keep basements healthy and dry. The unique ventilation/moisture control will reduce costly repair work, including mold remediation, and allow you to fully utilize your entire house. A drier, fresher house will maintain its value, making it more saleable. The proven, energy efficient, maintenance free Hydrabreeze will naturally maintain the home environment all year round. Here are all the reasons to discard your old system and have Atlas Restoration install a Hydrabreeze system:


  • Totally maintenance free - no buckets of water, no filters, automatic monitoring
  • No more must odors - exchanges the air and replaces it with fresh dry air
  • Only 38 watts, saves hundreds of dollars each year compared to one dehumidifier
  • Durable - 10 year warranty, no hot unsafe motors, no freezing coils
  • Continuous control reduces moisture, stagnation and saturation even when not home
  • Whole house solution - unlike a dehumidifier that has a limited area of effect

There is finally a solution to your moisture problems that really works and provides you with numerous health and economic benefits. The EPA and numerous health organizations stress the urgent need to increase ventilation and reduce moisture levels in living spaces. Moisture and mold spores are constant natural phenomenon. Hydrabreeze will improve the environment and reduce mold activity that thrives in damp, inadequately ventilated areas. Gases, toxins, pollutants, biological contaminants can accumulate and reach harmful levels in houses, which contribute to asthma and other respiratory ailments. Hydrabreeze simultaneously expels these harmful environmental factors and the damp, musty air out of the house, which results in:

  • Reduction in mold and musty odors and stagnant air
  • Expulsion of trapped gases, chemicals, and biological contaminants
  • A healthy air exchange 6-10 times a day
  • Reduction in allergens and respiratory ailments