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Repair Your Sinking Home

Repair sinking home overview
Are These Your Symptoms?: 
Visible Cracks
Uneven Floors or Walls
Uneven Beams
Brick Cracks
Interior Wall Cracks
Leaning Chimney
Sticking Windows and Doors

Without a firm, structurally sound foundation, your home has no support. Improper foundation support leads to a number of structural defects. Because the foundation supports your entire house, a problem in one area can affect your whole house. Foundation repair and maintenance addressed at the earliest stage insures the long life of your home and saves you money in the long run. Professional foundation repair can make the difference.  Atlas Restoration is the foundation repair specialist to secure your sinking home in the Chicago area. Don't let your foundation problems fester and spread. Call us today for a free foundation repair estimate to assess the situation. You may be pleasantly surprised that an early catch is quicker and more economical to repair.

Your home's foundation problems are most likely the result of settling and shifting of the soil under the foundation. A structure's foundation loses its support system as the soil changes or moves. Changes in the soil lead to cracks and defects in the foundation, which in turn adds to your home’s already faulty support system. A number of problems, both visible and unseen, are the result of your home's improper foundation. Atlas Restoration offers foundation repair services in Chicago that can save you money and trouble in the long run.

Common Signs that Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Early identification of foundation problems will prevent more detrimental issues from occurring. Some clear-cut symptoms of potential or existing foundation problems are visible cracks, uneven floors or walls, and uneven beams.

The Solution for Foundation Repair: Atlas Piers

For years, Atlas has relied on our own Atlas Piers for foundation repair in Chicago. Before installing Atlas Piers, our first step is to excavate and expose the structure’s footing. Following excavation, we create a new support of the structure by installing ATLAS PIERS® on firm bearing stratum or bedrock. After piers are carefully positioned, your home's load is transferred onto its new foundation pier system. Following this transfer, a system of hydraulic rams is used to lift your house to its original elevation.

Benefits of Atlas Piers

  • Fast Installation
  • Minimal Site Disturbance
  • Easy Installation in Limited Access Areas
  • On-Site Load Test Capability
  • Immediate Loading
  • All-Weather Installation
  • Exceptional Strength
  • No Vibration
  • No Soil Removal
  • Highly Economical
  • Bearing and Anchoring Capabilities
  • Reverses the Damaging Effects of Foundation Settling

Every year, nearly a quarter-million homeowners are faced with sinking foundations, cracked and buckled walls, and uneven floors. Homes situated on insecure soils settle when their foundations lack proper drainage or when they are subjected to extreme moisture. A shifting foundation will create structural damage and will decrease the value of your home.

Stabilize Your Foundation

By transferring the weight of your home to solid, stable soil, which may only exist several layers below the existing foundation, the Atlas Restoration team provides a permanent solution to your home's settling or sinking foundation. Installation of Altas Piers prevents these issues from becoming worse, provides renewed stability, and, in nearly all cases, immediately reverses the structural damage. 

As a homeowner, your primary foundation concern should be the quality and durability of the components used in your home's piering system, as well as knowledge of installation providers. Your Atlas installer is a leading contractor in resistance piering, which means that your home's foundation will be repaired correctly the first time.

Take Steps to Protect Your Largest Investment - Call for Foundation Repair Today

First, an Atlas steel pier is driven into the ground, providing your home's foundation with load bearing support. Effective and exact load tests are conducted on-site to evaluate the capacity of every pier. This ensures that after installation, the load will be supported properly and immediately. Next, your home's foundation is hydraulically restored to the correct elevation. 

The steel piers are then driven into connected sections, using the weight and structural makeup of your home to load the piles to a stable bearing stratum. Resistance piers are hydraulically driven, high-strength steel, tubular, end-bearing piles. The pile sizes vary in diameter (from 2 2/8" to 4 1/2") and in thickness of steel and transfer brackets to cope with a wide range of support and load conditions. There is a parallel correlation between drive force and pile capacity. During installation, drive force is regularly measured to a predetermined range with a 1.5-2X safety factor. The drive force measures the end bearing capacity of the soil, rock, and pile under your home. The harder the soil is, the greater the drive force needed. The predetermined capacity is acquired from estimating and analyzing your home's weight (live loads, dead loads, and soil loads) and the structural strength of your home's various support components. Pier spacing is determined by a number of influences: the weight of your home, capacity of selected pile, soil type, and structural strength of your home's foundation to determine span limits. By measuring drive force the capacity of the soil is measured and the pier is repeatedly tested. 

Most importantly, the Atlas Restoration team will ensure that your home’s foundation repair problem is solved immediately and correctly. Atlas Restoration has an experienced, skilled team that knows how to fix a sinking foundation in any situation.