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Roof Drains / Down Spout Extensions

Roof drains and downspout extensions

Proper roof drain systems are critical to maintaining both the structural integrity and the waterproofing system of any building. When downspouts do not extend far enough away from the foundation wall of a home they will inevitably discharge water from the roof right next to the foundation wall. This can create dangerous pooling scenarios in the winter, as water may circulate directly back into the basement, causing leakage or erosion, undermining the foundation wall. In many scenarios, this leakage and erosion causes the wall to sink, creating not only a problem for your home, but will also cost you a great deal of time and money.

Above-ground downspout extensions may work in some situations to repair a damaged water drainage system. As with other quick repair solutions, however, downspout extensions are not your permanent answer, as they are likely to fall off or get trampled by foot traffic. Generally, the optimal drainage solution is an underground downspout.

We Solve Your Home's Downspout Issues with Roof Drains​

  • First, the water is filtered through an ice and debris filter as it leaves the downspout to ensure the extension will never clog or freeze.  
  • The water is then directed to flow underground via gravity to a point in your yard where the grading is appropriate, allowing the water to flow away from your home's foundation.
  • The water then exits the underground extension through a bubbler pot system.
  • A green cap is then applied to the exit point in your yard.

By directing the water underground from downspouts to an exit point in your home's front or back yard, Atlas Restoration will permanently solve and further prevent your home's roof drain and drainage problems.