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Window Well Drains

Window Well Drain Diagram

The Facts About Window Well Drains & Egress Window Wells

Water accumulation in window wells is a common occurrence. Most homes are built with window well drains. Debris, such as branches, leaves, or mulch can clog the drain if it has been left unclean. When too much water collects inside the well, it can force its way through the window or window frame and pour into your basement, sometimes breaking the window in its path. 

The Atlas Restoration Method of Proper Window Well Drainage

Short-term solutions for water buildup in your window wells include the application of caulk around windows and window frames, installation of glass block windows or new window well covers. While seemingly effective in the short-term, these are hardly permanent answers to your home's major drainage issues.

The team at Atlas Restoration will seek out the original source of water accumulation in your home's window wells, addressing the root cause and taking the right steps towards ensuring that water will never make its way into your basement again. 

Window well drainage can be retrofitted either through an exterior window well dig, or an interior window well dig. The following outlines the step-by-step process of each:

Exterior Egress Window Well Drainage Systems

  • Excavation is performed from the window well to the drain tile, which is located under the basement floor slab
  • To ensure that the drain tile is indeed draining, a drian tile test is performed
  • A 4" rigid PVC drain pipe with drain grate, which extends from the top of the drain tile or gravel drainage layer, is installed below the level of the window sill
  • The window well is then secured to the wall using concrete screws
  • The excavation site is then backfilled with native soil
  • Gravel is then poured into the window well to facilitate and filter drainage into the newly installed drain pipe

Interior Window Well Drains

  • Dirt inside the window well is excavated only to approximately 6" below the window sill level
  • A 2" hole is then drilled through the foundation wall, then through to the exterior into window well. The hole is drilled approximately 4" down from the level of the window sill to the drainage point.
  • A 2" PVC drain pipe is then installed through the core hole and is drained into to a sump basin
  • The hole's entrance point is sealed with hydraulic cement
  • Gravel is then poured inside the window well to facilitate and filter drainage into the newly installed drain pipe