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How to Eliminate Concrete Slab Curling

How to Eliminate Concrete Slab Curling

Here's how Atlas Restoration tackles concrete slab curling:

  • Movement is precisely measured at joints to assess severity of curling. Straight edges are also used to determine amount of curl. Movement greater than .015 inches is severe enough to cause deterioration three to four times as fast as normal. Restoring sub grade support is the key to the repair.
  • Holes are drilled on each side of the joint where curling has occurred.
  • A high-density polyurethane grout is pumped in under low pressure to fill voids beneath curled edges.
  • Surface restoration consists of removing the distressed concrete, reconstructing slab edges with polymer concrete and reestablishing the joint. These repairs often include grinding the surface to improve rideability and replacing damaged joint sealant material.
  • Work is most commonly done at night and on weekends to avoid disruption to normal warehouse operations.

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