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Polyurethane Foam Crack Injection

Polyurethane Foam Crack Injection

Concrete Cracks

Cracks in concrete caused by shrinkage are a common foundation problem. Cracks due to shrinkage and are easy to detect, since they almost always extend through the full thickness of the foundation wall. Unfortunately, such large cracks also indicate a path for water entry.

Where Cracks Most Commonly Appear

Common areas for cracks in concrete due to shrinkage are above a doorway, under your basement windows, or around the middle of a large poured concrete wall. Cracks above doorways indicate that the foundation has "stepped down." As soon as cracks form in your basement or crawlspace wall or floor slab, water has the perfect pathway to your basement, right through these cracks.

How to Treat Your Crack Problem

Although the unfortunate case often occurs where concrete control joints are not put in place in residential construction, there are a number of ways to take care of leakage due to cracks. Atlas Restoration has a quick, easy, and effective solution to this grave problem. Our most-used repairing solution includes injecting of liquid polyurethane, which forms into foam into the cracks. Injecting in liquid form enables a gentle and slow filling treatment of the basement crack that will fill the crack completely and quickly. In just a few minutes, the polyurethane liquid react with the water in the crack and begins to foam. In fact, water is the exact element that changes the liquid into foam.

After the liquid forms into a foam, it restricts water from leaking into the cracks. The foam is effective enough to fill voids in the soil outside the basement as well. The strong bond formed by this foam to concrete is strong enough to tolerate even the most severe pressure caused by heavy rains and faulty roof runoff systems. forms a strong bond to the concrete. High underground or "subsurface" water levels are typically caused by heavy rains and most-often by faulty roof runoff systems.

Polyurethane Injection Has the Following Advantages

  • Ensures a more permanent solution than all other crack patching methods
  • Repair occurs only on the inside of the basement wall, creating much less mess from repair
  • Quick repair process that effectively halts water leaks.
  • Complete confidence that your possessions will be safe from water, and your basement free of water leakage.